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Manufacturing Process

GRYPHON Manufacturing Process

1. Pre-Preg

The Pre-preg is created by adding resin to the composite fibre , also called pre-impregnated, it is a key part of the manufacturing process.

The Pre-preg of the different fibres are then cut to shape to meet the lay-up design. The process is crucial to achieve maximum strength and stiffness.

The precise and uniform resin to fibres ratio creates the chemical and physical bond in the moulding process.

2. Lay-Up

The fibre composition and lay-up are major components in defining how a stick performs. All the pieces of pre-preg are carefully shaped and arranged under specific map which is defined by each model design and mould shape.

GRYPHON's lay-up is the performance 'X' factor.

We do this differently, for us it's an art, it's a sixth sense based on years of experience and the knowledge of how to best achieve the desired result of power, and get a great crisp feel to allow that instant response from the players hands for exceptional ball control.

​Each range of sticks (TOUR, TABOO, etc) is crafted by the order and placement of each Prepreg piece to create a unique soul. The lay-up gives each stick range its unique character.

3. Moulding Process

The moulding process is where the stick lay-up and is placed into its corresponding physical mould for the moulding process.

The stick is created through the moulding process of high pressure and heat to create the desired playing characteristics. The pressure and its consistency during the moulding process is crucial in determining the sticks stiffness, strength and feel.

4. Shape

The shape describes the stick's profiles which is defined by :

  • The handle and shaft width and depth
  • The curve position and the curve peak
  • The head shape profile defined by its thickness, blade, profile and the length of the toe

The stick's shape covers desirable characteristics required by players to achieve specific skills with the ball. The sticks shape also influences the sticks stiffness and feel.