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Please note there are some strict conditions to your sponsorship:

1. Your sponsorship is a support of you as a player in recognition of your achievements to date. You may only use your sponsorship to purchase equipment and clothing for your personal use. Anyone found to be purchasing for other people or passing the discount code to other people will have their sponsorship terminated with immediate effect and will be charged the full SSP of equipment ordered. 

2. All players are expected to use Gryphon for all 'on show' equipment i.e. stick, glove and stick bags, if applicable.

3. All sponsorship orders will have a carriage charge applied at checkout. We only deliver via courier services that will require a signature on delivery.

4. Please note our returns/exchange conditions as explained on our website before ordering.  

Sponsored players should NOT use retailers as a testing centre, if any sticks or equipment want to be tested or tried on they should contact us directly and any questions regarding Gryphon products should be directed to us immediately.

The Gryphon catalogue can be seen here 

Social Media and Brand awareness: 

  1. Please can you be as active on social media as possible, tagging us in all your Hockey Posts, and placing our @gryphonhockey_eu on your bio is a good start. 
  2. Keeping people aware of our brand and talking about us to your teammates. 
  3. We look to you to fly our Gryphon flag, please do so with pride and don't hesitate to contact us and give us an update during your season.