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Resin Pouring

The Resin Matrix is the process of moulding the stick where the resin combines both the chemical and physical structures of different fibres together.

When fibres and resin are combined they form a composite material with new characteristics that are better than the individual components.

Kraibon Technology

KRAIBON® is a thin film made of non-cross-linked rubber that hardens within the component laminate in the same production process.

Directly integrated in the stick's lay-up of the KRAIBON® forms a chemical and physical bond without any additional bonding agent.

Carbon Fibre

6K Carbon fibre only available for in the GXX TOUR Series is used as a reinforcement to maximise the strength properties of the hockey stick.

This fabric has an incredible strength to weight ratio and provides superior rigidity for great aesthetics.

Taboo Fibre

A-Tech is a woven material used in the TABOO Series which adds structural strength with a superior strength to weight ratio.